Switch Spectator Pawn (or similar movement) to thirdperson


I´m having a really hard time to setup a SpectatorPawn and need all the help I can get. My model is a complex building with pipes, installations etc. I would like to have one thirdperson to walk with and then a SpectatorPawn (or another pawn that moves like the Spectator). I´t doesn’t matter which one the game starts with but I want to be able to choose between the two.

I have tried to make a SpectaorPawn but it won’t show up in worldoutliner.
Have searched the internet but haven’t had any luck to find a solution.

Regards Steel

What is the default Pawn and controller in your default game mode and are you overrideing any of those in your Level? Are they set to auto-spawn and auto-possess? Or do you have specific logic to spawn and possess them in your code?

Hi mightyenigma!

I tried another approach and created a pawn with movement and copied a lot from FPS blueprint and got the same movement as the spectator.

But thanks for your comment! Much appreciated :slight_smile: