Switch playing all sound at once

Hi, I ahve a few sounds i want to randomly repeat (the ones you see alre only placeholders for background music). Basically I want that one music end the next is getting randomly picked, but for now it plays all of them at once, with my team mates we have been able to use flip flops and delays to make it work, but it isn’t pretty and I want to make it independant from the delay.

This is my BP:

I used a custom event in the end, the issue is that I need to adjust the delay for each track, I would like to make it independent from the delay node so that when one stops another plays, without overlapping

Well yeah, it’s because you’ve got the whole thing on tick! :slight_smile:

That’s means it’s choosing a new sound to play EVERY FRAME…

Gimme a minute, I’ll post something…

So, I made an array of sounds:

and then I can randomly call one like this:

You have to use ‘spawn’ otherwise you don’t get a reference to work with. But there’s no point in having spawn AND play…

Ok, my way you don’t need to worry about the delay… :smiley: