Switch PlayerController to AIController then back to PlayerController but can't activate abilities

   I have an ability like the one  in the below picture. But after I repossess my character with the old playercontroller I can’t activate my abilities from the client anymore, even though I can move around. When I look inside the Log there is this error:

LogAbilitySystem: Warning: Can’t activate LocalOnly or LocalPredicted ability Default__GA_FireAbility_C when not local! Net Execution Policy is 0.

But I am firing it from client and I don’t know what to do. Any advice would be helpfull ?

(My abilities are bound to keys directly)

Never mind overriding the clientrestart did the trick. It is solved.

I have the exact same issue, but in a single player game (my boilerplate code didn’t account for client-server)/. Are you able to give some more details as to what helped when you overrode client restart? Thanks