Switch Player Controller ingame or an Alternative to get another Movement "mode" Enabled

Greetings, in my Top Down Shooter Project, i have an player character + a controller for it, which is used for a aim/rotate to mouse cursor, shoot etc.
Now i want to let the character go inside buildings, and while im inside a Building, i wish to use a Second camera which is in my character blueprint ( switching between the top down and the 3rd person ).

So i googled some and as far as i know there is no solution to switch between Player Controllers ingame, since i dont want to spawn/posess/unposess another player pawn inside/outside the building to use another controller.

Now i wonder if theres another method i can use ?

I also thought about a widget, thats getting activated, showing a texture of the camera in the corner or even fullscreen (scene compenent, like a mirror ), but i dont know how this would look, i didnt tried that yet.

My character has btw a spring arm on it, enable the collision test while im inside dont work, because the space inside the house aint that big, so the only thing i see is the cube and well… no point in that.

What i also thought about doing, is an sims like “wall hiding” effect, but i didnt find a tutorial on that because i dont even know how something like that is called ;/

So what i need:

  • a way to swap controller for the current player pawn or another idea

I appreciate any help