Switch on Int in sequence using a timer

I have a random music system running on a two second timer (the custom event) - so every two seconds one of these notes will play. I want to be able to structure it slightly though - so if it starts on 0 then it will run a sequence though 0-1-2-3, and if it starts on 4 it will run the sequence 4-5-6-7 and so on. Is this possible? I want to be able to randomly run sequences but I have to have it running on a two second timer - meaning it’s going to fire every two seconds. If I use a sequence and delays it will fire again and another sequence will start playing while the previous one is playing.

To get started, how might I ensure the Switch on Int will run in sequence from 0 to 3, and then back to the start, in this example?

This will fire a number of pins in a sequence with 2s intervals, terminate and wait for retrigger:

Thanks Everynone - if I just wanted the Switch on Int to cycle through from beginning to end with 2 second pauses between ints and then keep repeating without having to retrigger, how would I go about that?

Instead of clearing the timer, set the index to the starting value. You will need to introduce an extra variable that stores that value.

Thanks! I got it using this, which is similar to what you’re suggesting, I think