Switch on Condition (Sort of)?

How would I make an object take in 2 inputs, and based on a condition in this case “RMB Down” if true output is input 1, else input 2.

Attached an image.

try Select Float:

Hmm I can’t figure a way to get that to work for me, since branch requires an execute input and has 2 exec outputs, I want Float inputs and float outputs. I’m trying to clean and condense already working stuff, I’ll show the full image.

I can set it this way, but I was hoping to condense it even more, I got OCD when it comes to making things look clean and organized lol, i may never get anything scripted, ever.

YES! thank you so much, my OCD applauds you, I had a another work around if it wasn’t possible but still wasn’t what I wanted, here’s what the final one looks like now.

And this is what I was thinking as a work around!

[Possible Work Around][2]: