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I’m new to UE4 and I’ve got a question: I followed THIS site but I’m totally lost with this new blueprint thing.
So my problem is, I can’t make a “Set view target with Blend” node in my level blueprint, but I can get a reference for my camera. In my PlayerController blueprint, I can make the “Set view target with Blend” node, but I can’t get a reference for my Camera actor in the Persistent level.
Please help me! What am I doing wrong?

OMG! I’m stupid as ****! Sorry, after submitting my question I found how to do it:)

The Blueprint system is very context sensitive, this means it’s able to understand what you have selected in a scene and try to help you out.

I don’t have access to Blueprint at the moment, but if you select the camera in the scene and right-click inside the Blueprint graph editor, does it say anything about creating a reference variable to your camera?

How did you fix this? I’m having this same problem!

Mark your camera in the scene outliner, open your level blueprint - right click and choose “Add Reference to <marked object in scene outliner>”…there is your camera reference.

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