Switch camera while in Editor using Blueprint Utility Widget?

In a Blueprint widget, I’m spawning a camera (while in editor mode) at a particular location and I’d like to switch the default viewport to use this new view. Set View Target with Blend seems to the only work in the game(?).

Seems like since it menu option not switch cameras it would be included. There’s a Set Viewport Camera node but it seems to require a DisplayCluster Module API imp, which is not the most documented item.

So is there an easy way to simply switch the default viewport to show from a camera using a blueprint widget?

You can move the viewport cam like so:


So if you’ve spawned a camera actor, you can feed both the same location and rotation. It will not switch to that camera - it will only show you its point of view.

I might be missing the point of switching cameras while editing - could you elaborate on the purpose here?

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Thanks, works great!

Frequently when setting up a camera shot I want to check the layout from above or side to verify characters are facing the right way, things are where they should be, etc which may not be obvious from a single viewpoint.

I could switch to ortho views but typically it’s way too wide and the wrong area so now I have to spend time moving it around, moving closer and switching to rendered view, etc.

I could pivot my view but pivot points are frequently off (mocap character, metahumans, and any offsets) make them less than useful (especially landscape scenes), and then I spend time fiddling to move the view.

I’d like to simply press a button, see a top or side view of what I’m looking at, and then hit again and be back to the normal camera. So now I have that.

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