Switch/Blend/FirstPerson Camera

Hi all!

What would be the best solution for switching/blending the player camera (‘FirstPersonCamera’) to a camera inside a blueprint class?
I want to change the camera for a closeup for a combinationlock (see image below) but the “Set View target with Blend” is only working in the level blueprint, right?!

Is this even possible or would it be better to simply move/set/manipulate the ‘FirstPersonCamera’ transform?

Hope someone can help!


I use a very similar approach for a true first person aiming system. Each weapon has a separate aim down sight camera that is part of the weapon’s blueprint class. I simply called the “Set View Target with Blend” function from within my character BP and the “New View Target” will be the blueprint of the actor you’re referencing to.

Thanks DeevoTe! That helped… Got it working! :slight_smile:


Thanks Deevo Te - this has been a big help!