Switch betwen two cameras

I have one camera in my firstplayer bluprint - main camera.
And I have second camera in my mesh BP.
When I press E I want my camera view shift from one to another camera.
How can i achive it?

Get Player ControllerSet View Target with Blend and target the second camera.

it doesnt work

I need to cast betwen BPs but it doesnt work

No one can read your mind. Before anyone can help you, you need to provide more details.

it doesnt work

What does not work? I can assure you that switching between cameras works well.

I need to cast betwen BPs but it
doesnt work

Casting does not work? Consider attaching a screenshot of what you’re doing and what you expect to happen.

Are the 2 cameras in 2 different objects? One is in the character and the second one?

in my mesh BP

This does not help much, unfortunately. What’s my mesh BP? An object you placed in the level?

Yes, second one is in the actor BP which is located somewhere in the level.

  • how do you know which actor you want to switch the camera to?
  • your character is looking at it?
  • you choose it from the list?
  • you highlight it with a mouse?
  • you surely do not want to press E and always switch to the same object?

See what I mean? Please be more descriptive. :slight_smile:

Ok.Nevermind. it works. The problem was that my static mesh was without colision.

Awesome, well done.