Switch between multiple camera's to make 360 screenshots in Ansel


For work I’ve got a scene where I’ve setup around 70 camera’s which are the positions to create the 360 shots with. Before I’ve also used the Sequencer by using only 1 camera, and setting the transform points in the sequencer itself. However, I find this method more tedious, especially after I shot the 360 images and I find out I need to change the camera position. I do have a blueprint made by a colleague that let me switch through the camera’s but I have to link every camera that I’m using in it. which is a lot when you got around 70 camera’s in your scene.

I know there is an easier way to do this, but I don’t have sufficient experience with Blueprints in unreal since I come from Unity.

So I’m looking for something that lets me drag and drop all the selected the camera’s into an Array or List which I can then scroll trough by using keyboard Input while in playmode.



It’s tricky but you can do it:

  • Select all the cameras in the world and copy them with CTRL+C

  • Open a software with multi line editing (i use vscode, you can use the online version too) and paste the cameras in text format.

  • Create a public variable of type camera-array and add at least a value to it

  • Place the actor with the camera array variable in the world and from details copy that variable and paste it to vscode (at the bottom or in another tab) and try to understand the syntax difference

  • Adapt the syntax of the camera list to match the array syntax (with multi line editing), then copy it

  • Paste it to the array

(I did this with Niagara stuff in the past, should work with cameras too)


Thank you, I’m going to try this!

So I’ve created a Variable but it’s not showing up in the details panel?

Am I doing something wrong?

This is an example of vscode, you only need the camera names:

I’ll do the test with 12 cameras (as you can see I only have 2 in the default array in the right file, move the parenthesis to a separate line pressing ENTER).

  • Select this part of text and press CTRL+F2, it will automatically select all the occurrences in the file:

  • Then press the RIGHT ARROW once, and CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW to select all the camera names, then you can copy or cut them with CTRL+C or V

  • Paste your clipboard in the second file, should look like this:

  • Copy the array prefix:

  • Select all the rows, Type F1 and select “Add cursor to line ends”

  • Type the end of the array, in this case should be "', except for the last value that doesn’t need the comma:

  • Go to the start of each row pressing the HOME key, and paste the prefix you copied, then delete the first rows and the trailing comma

  • Select all lines, Press F1 and type JOIN LINES to convert to one row, and then COPY it to the clipboard:

  • Paste to the “camera array” and you’ll have all your 70 cameras ready to use:


Thanks a lot, I’ll try it this week when I got some spare time. But this should do it :slight_smile:

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