Switch between Idle Animations?

Dear UE4 Community,

I’m currently struggling with the following:

I have 2 idle animations and I would like to let them play randomly after a certain amount of time (around…60 seconds).

Lets call them Idle1 and Idle2

Idle1 is actually a single animation.
Idle2 is a combination of 3 animations. I stitched them together in a Composite (and Montage, if needed).

The Composite animation includes the transition for:

Idle1 to Idle2 → Idle2 → Idle2 to Idle1

What would the setup be in the Animation Blueprint to get this working?



Hello Maxunit,

There are definitely ways to blend between your animations, and there is some great documentation on how to do so on the Unreal Documentation website. I could walk you through it here, but I would be just re-typing what is has already been created in a much more user friendly version.

Check out this documentation to see how to go about blending between animations.

Hope this helps,

Andrew Hurley