Switch between characters present in the level


New to the entire Blueprint system (though love it!) At the moment I’m trying to create a toggle to alternate between several characters. Like in the lost vikings. So all of the characters should still be present in the level, but I as a player will only control one at a time.

I’ve looked at some of the other forum issues and the one that got me closest was jmping into a car. But I get the feeling that there are a lot of stuff that is unneccessary for me in that design (for example the target box)

Any idea of how this can be done?

Bit of a late reply but here is a example of switching characters as i dont know what your specific needs are. Basically in your player controller get all the pawns and set into array of pawns on begin play or dynamically, set a trigger of some kind to cycle through the index of of pawns and unpossess then possess the new pawn, if index equals length of pawn array then reset index. If you want a specific pawn maybe assign a variable to them and in a for each loop check if thats the correct variable?


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