Switch between actor and pawn with one controller through the hud

I am absolutely stuck on this…

I’m using the pawn to rotate the camera around on the scene, and that part is working. But I can’t take control over the camera in the actor when I’m blending over to it using the hud.

I guess it could be that fact that only the pawn is refered in the controller as the targeted actor, then how do I use both and switch between them in the hud?
Could also be that in the “referencecasts” macro, it only cast to the pawn and not the actor, but I’m not sure what put in object when I’m casting to the actor.

I struggle to see what I’m wrong since I’m not that good with blueprints in general, so I would appreciate the help.

I’m posting screenshots of the controller, pawn, actor and the hud. Maybe someone can see something that I can’t.
Just ask if you need more info.

Pawn = CameraPawn

Actor = BuildingMaster

Controller = CameraPawn Controller