Switch animBP-object reference with diffrent animBP

Hi everyone,
I am currently playing around with the SidescrollerShooterKit and tried to use my own character with the player-blueprint from that Kit.

Inside the BP the animBP gets referenced as a objectReference-Variable and used in a lot of places. If i want to use my own character i have to retarget and create another animBP, but ofc if i use that with the characterBP the references don’t match up, cause the 2 animBP-Objects are diffrent. I already changed it out by hand once and that works (and in worst case scenario is a backup workflow) but it gets tedious.

Is there a way to switch out the animBP-References without having to go through the characterBP by hand and changing every get/set call? As the animBP’s are basically the same thing except using a diffrent skeleton, maybe i can convert them somehow?

Thank you all for the help ^^

make your character a child of the original BP and do your changes inside the new bp. they should be compatible

After some digging i did try that and yeah the references are working well. But because its an animBP and i have to change some settings like IK-Bones after the retargeting this way does not seem to work. Unless you have a tip on how to access the animgraph in a animBP-Child. But still thanks for the help ^^