Swipe to look

Hello guys. I am a little bit stuck with swipe to look setup. A nice guy on youtube answered my question of how to set up swipe to look with a picture. SwipeSupportBig.jpg

It is printing strings when i swipe and its all good. But now i am not sure where i connect the strings to, to actually be able to look around? Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone who can help?

There’s a default touchscreen setup already there. You can edit the bindings in the project settings tab. Why reinvent the wheel?

Because it sucks to use a stick to aim in a mobile fps game. I seriously haven’t played one decent mobile fps that would use two sticks. I need a swipe to look, left stick to walk setup. If you are saying that there is a default swipe to look setup, please tell me how to turn it on. :smiley:

The set up is there for the sticks, maybe you could customize it somehow was my point.