Swipe on one side of screen

Hi guys.

In my shooter game I use “Free mobile TPS template for beginners” (thank you, Pabooklas! You just awesome! :slight_smile: ) it’s works just fine!
Problem is “swipe to look” works on whole tablet screen, so if I make 2 fingers tap (let’s think that my left finger slipped from joystik, and I tap to lock it back) - look vector just randomise.
My question is: “How can I force swipe works only on the right part of the screen”?

Sorry for bad English. Cheers!

Hi Ambrellich,

You can do this by getting half of the screen value in float, after breaking the vector of the location captured from the Touch node. Then it’s simply by checking using bool to determine which side you want to register/activate the touch to swipe/look. You’ll need to pre-determine the finger index to use too, so it wouldn’t conflict with your virtual joystick.

This method in blueprint is available as an extra/free asset in my Virtual Joystick Minimalist Pack, available on the marketplace. Good luck.

Btw, quite interesting screenshot you got there.

Thank’s for reply!
Glad that you liked my screens. I post them to show, that we want to make quality game for players with solid control over character. :cool: