Swipe camera controls tut.

A little tutorial on swipe to look controls for your mobile game: Unreal Engine 4 Mobile Swipe to Look Controls Tutorial - YouTube

No voice. Still too shy to talk on internetz. :slight_smile:

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I also add one more branch to detect swipe only in one side of screen.

I wonder if it possible to make own, custom joystic in UMG (or swipe-to-go blueprint). In mobile devices I get small issue - not always UMG and Virtual Joystick works correctly (one of them stops to react, and you need to take over fingers from screen and reactivate again (put on screen)).
I dont exclude that it my β€œTegra note 7” device is react that way.

Sorry for bad English, cheers! :slight_smile:

For umg I never use buttons. Idk why but they never seem to work the way I want. I use borders instead.

Hey, can you please do this tutorial for C++, my game is for C++ and I want to make touch controls for it’s Android port, I am struggling to do the camera controls in C++ for 5 days.