Swinging Door Physics

I am trying to use physics to create a door that swings open when the character runs into it. I essentially have it set up like this demo: UE4 Physics: Wild Wild West Bar Doors - YouTube
It works fine, except I don’t want that swinging back and forth for a while until they come to a rest. I want the door to stop swinging when it swings back to its original position. I’ve played with all of the parameters on the physics constraint, like angular motor and stiffness, but none of it seems to change the amount it swings. I’m thinking it might need some sort of blueprint calculations to set its rotation, but I’m stuck.

linear and angular damping will help

If you want a more dramatic effect to lock the door in place, use a secondary spring constraint

I have tried adjusting the damping and can’t seem to get it to have any effect on the swing.