Swing Dance Unreal 4.26

My latest project I did in Unreal 4.26. My goal was to see if I could get an animated character with realistic clothing in Unreal.
First I started with a Clo 6.0 clothing template with a nice men’s suit (bought from Artstation). I created a character in Character Creator 3 and exported that to 3ds max. With a few scripts I managed to import Mixamo animation data onto my character which I then exported as an alembic file to Clo. I also created the curtains in Clo.
After a few hours of simulating a cool animated garment was the result. I brought all of this together in Unreal 4.26.
I wanted to make a old theatrical stage of some sorts and the megascans library offered a few handy props to fill up my scene.
The lighting was setup with a lot of volumetric for ambiance, and I added a few particle systems to add smoke with motion.
The whole scene is rendered with the new movie render queue in Unreal, I didn’t use any raytracing. Rendertimes were about 1,5 hour on my very modest GTX1080 at 4k resolution. I used a custom sampling to get the highest quality.
All in all I’m very pleased with the result and I learned a lot yet again.

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Here are a few screens from Unreal and clo3d, see my artstation for more :

Very impressive scene. Thanks for sharing the experience and pipeline!

This is very impressive. Were you able to export the clothing from CLO3D to UE4 and keep their simulation properties?