Swimming ai navigation?

I’m trying to create a “fish”-like ai that swims around in the sea. I’m using EQS querys to move it between waypoints, however, I’m having some issues.

Currently, I generate the EQS pathing grid on the ocean surface, which means that if the AI travels some way below the surface, it won’t be able to generate any pathing grid and just stops.

Likewise, if I generate the pathing grid on the ocean floor, it won’t generate anything if the player goes to the surface.

Here’s a pictureof my queries near the ocean floor, pathing grid appears correctly.

Here’s what happensif the actor moves a bit further up (or to the surface), no grid and he just stops there.

How exactly do you generate paths for the AI to move to when there is no surface to generate a pathing grid on nearby?

I’m using dynamic navigational mesh generation with nav mesh invokers on my pawns. Everything works perfectly if the water is shallow enough (or on land), its just for the deeper waters that I’m having issues.

Any tips appreciated.

I guess one solution could be to simply let it move between waypoints instead of sticking to the navigational mesh, but how exactly can you do that with blueprints?

The AI move to node won’t work unless the AI is within the nav mesh generated area.