Swiching to C++

If i start my project in blueprint can i later switch to c++ in same project?

It’s also possible to write function inside c++ and make them BlueprintCallable for your class, so you can use them as a node in your Blueprints. (:

Yes, you can use both blueprint and C++ code alongside each other. Blueprints are basically compiled and linked into code when the game is packaged anyway.

i know i can use each alongside but i was asking if i start project in Blueprints can i later just implement C++, i know if you start C++ project you can use blueprints but i was asking other wey ?

Yes, you can select “Add Code to Project” when you click on the “File” Menu. Then it asks you for a parent class if you want and for the name of the .cpp and .h file. After it created the file, it asks you to start VS. After that, you can close the editor and use the compiler to start the Editor with your compiled classes, the same you did it with the c++ projects.

thanks for info