Sweeping rotation about an axis

I think you’ll just want to set the rotation of the flippers using a curve and a lerp. This tutorial video has a good example (ignore the title, this particular video is mainly blueprint): - YouTube

I’m making a pinball game. How can I pivot my flippers about an axis over time? I’ve found ways to rotate the pawn about the center over time, and ways to rotate about an axis instantaneously, but not over time.

Apparently I can’t just move the pivot of the pawn anymore.


But when I do the rotation, the flipper rotates about its center. I don’t know how to make it rotate about some other axis.

Found an answer myself.

If you make a model in Blender, it takes the origin to be the pivot.

I see this is an old question. But in case anyone wonders, to “change” the origin of an object (the pivot point), make a new scene component in the blueprint, then place whatever you want to pivot inside this scene component. Now you can move your object around to change pivot point, and then rotate the scene component.