SwarmAgent.exe isn’t getting installed

I’ve been trying to track down why my lighting builds always fail with a “couldn’t connect to Swarm” error; having found the path it’s supposed to be at from various other questions (e.g. this one), it turns out that SwarmAgent.exe just isn’t there. I’ve tried “verifying” my install—no luck—and then removing it entirely and reinstalling it. Everything else gets installed fine, and the editor launches and works (aside from lighting builds), but the exe is just… not there. My next attempt is gonna be downloading an older engine version and copying it over from that, but if that doesn’t work then I’m out of ideas. Anyone else run into this?

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Found a workaround: I turned off Windows Defender, had the launcher “verify” my installation again, then re-enabled Defender. Kind of alarming that SwarmAgent was being blocked by that, but I assume it’s trustworthy.

Update: re-enabling Defender appears to have caused SwarmAgent to get deleted again. I think the fix is to add it to the Exclusions list in the Defender settings, but I’ll have to wait a while for another “verify” pass to see whether even that fixes it.