swarmAgent doesn't work correctly

hi, i found most of workmates’ PC can not use the SwarmAgent to increase the speed of building lights.
this is my test case:
the Swarm Coordinator running on the RUYI-WS PC,
the Swam Agent 1 run on the RUYI-WS PC, and the Swam Agent 2 run on the SHA-QA-BD002 PC

on the RUYI-WS PC, use the editor to build the lighting, this image below show the problem: the Agent 2 doesn’t help agent 1 to build lighting.


image 2 is the agent1 's log

image 3 is the Swam Coordinator’s look

and the agent 2’s log is here:


then i cancel the lighting building, and use the agent 2 to ping the remote agent(agent 1), and ping the coordinator, shows:

you can see when ping the soordinator, it failed. but when restart all the agents and coordinator, ping the remote agent and coordinator , it both succeed. so i guest there maybe some issues, when the agent starting.

for most of our pcs, only one pc run well without this problem. all the configration is the same, no matter using the ip or pc name for the CoordinatorREmotingHost, the result is the same.

i have tried to debug it, but not very family with it, can not find the reason.
so ask for help.
thanks very much, waiting for you reply.