Swarm Missile

How can i make swarm missile with blueprints? I made homing missile, but no idea how to make swarms.

or any book or material where i can learn from ?

Hear is a function that gets a vector array with length 3 and a float variable for speed. it calculates the points of the curve from point 0 to point 2.
you can download all snapshots from [here][1]:
you can change the speed from 0 to 1. by default is 0.03

That did the job. I will modify this and will put it inside class bp_SwarmMissile to calculate curves after spawn actor. Idea was that 2-5 swarm missiles(grouped) chase player. Thank you, i can learn a lot from this.

My missle ignores the target and goes straight for the chair, what is the targets function in this? Thanks!

and can you post how you made your homing? seems this is a homing missile maybe I am not understanding the difference

Did you check all the snapshots of the project. If not, they are in the first comment. Have look to them.

I did, … well what is the logic here anyway so i can understand, what is the chair doing and what is the target doing, thanks

SM_Chair is just a static mesh component. I used it as target. You just need to change the static mesh to any static mesh that you wish to be the target.

I just created a small project to test swarm missile. I am sorry, if the naming wasn’t clear enough :wink:

I get that, but then whats the point of the TargetBP if it just homes into the chair anyway, thanks again

I was just trying to really understand it, this really really helped me understand things and I want to thank you man, cheers!

Do you mean Swarm missiles as in CoD series?