Swarm doesn't coordinate

Well I’m trying to use 2 PCs to build my scene lighting and I have this problem with the Swarm:
This is the PC with the coordinator:
Swarm Agent

And the Coordinator:

And in the second PC the Swarm Status is empty and the log shows this:

Any ideas? Plz help

EDIT: Adding information from duplicate post:Swarm Agent isn't distributing work - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Well that’s my problem. The computers are in the same network. In PC1 (ERACKGAMER-PC) (Windows 10 64bits) I have UE4 opened, the coordinator, and a Swarm agent. And in PC2 I(KOBAYASHIMARU) (Windows 8.1 32bits) only have the Swarm Agent opened.

PC1 shows this in the swarm log: 23:46:03: [Connect] Trying to open a remote connection to KOBAYASHIMARU at 23:46:03: [Connect] Remote agent interface object obtained for KOBAYASHIMARU at Repeated over and over until I stop the build

And PC2 shows in the log 23:46:03: [Connect] Remote agent connection object obtained: ERACKGAMER-PC 23:46:03: [Connect] Remote agent connection failed: ERACKGAMER-PC

In the Swarm Coordinator PC1 state is Working for ERACKGAMER-PC, Assigned to ERACKGAMER-PC and PC2 state is Available, Assigned to ERACKGAMER-PC.

And in PC1 Swarm status show the 2 PCs but PC2 shows Waiting for remote to become available

Any ideas? Plz help

Hey Erack,

I think I see your problem…the Kobayshi Maru was an unwinnable scenario. :wink:

Bad jokes aside, can you do me a favor and in your swarm logs on both Swarm Agents, Go to the Settings and set the Verbosity to be “Super Verbose”.

Once those are set, try rebuilding the lighting for your scene and once it’s complete copy the logs from each (labeled for each computer) to a text file and post back here.

Also, with your scene, can you give me some details on your scene, like:

  • What’s the approximate size of your level? small, medium, larger.
  • Approximately how many meshes are in your scene that you’re building? You can get the number from the world outliner in the top right.

Live Long and Prosper!


Hahaha .Well I have a medium forest with a nice amount of trees and grass (nighttime). According to the World Outliner there are 21 actors. But I have more trees and grass than that. Wait a second for the logs

link text

link text

I removed a little of the log that is was all the same from ERACKGAMER-PC

Looking at the log for the Kobayshi Maru there is a TCP network error.

Exception details: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

I don’t have a lot of experience with networking and ports in this manner, so I can only offer some suggestions to try rather than hard facts for what you need to do to fix this particular issue.

You can start by using the free program TCPView, which is free, to see what ports are actively being used for Ports 8008 and 8009, since these two are most commonly used by Swarm Agent/Coordinator and it says it’s being refused at this port.

When you open TCPView you’ll want to click on Local Port tab so that things are lined up numerically. Then in the Menu bar click on View and set the Update speed to 5 seconds or Paused. This just makes life easier since processes are continually opened and closed by Windows.

If the Port is being used by another process other than SwarmAgent you’ll probably need to google some information on how to change this. This isn’t an area I’m overly familiar with.

If you google the Error (everything up to the colon) there is some common issues reported with this.

The post in this one seems promising for at least some troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue. The one with three steps and an MSDN link.

Nothing was using the 8008 or 8009. Only the SwarmAgent

Okay, well at least that is good.

  • Are these machines on the same network?
  • Can you try re-installing the .NET Framework to see if this resolves the issue. You’ll want to uninstall it first though.

Yes, they are on the same network. Which version of .NET Framework?

I’ve got the latest version 4.6.1 installed, which should be the latest version released. That version should be good.