Swarm connection issue

My issue with swarm distribution rendering is that none of my network PCs can connect with my primary PC (P1, where unreal engine is installed). I’ve copied the DotNET folder on all machines but when I launch swarm I get this error: Communication with the coordinator failed, job distribution will be disabled until the connection is established All computers can PING each other and windows and AV is turned off. The strange thing is that although P2 can’t connect to P1 the other way around works. After trying more combination with the other PCs I’ve realized that they can connect only in pairs of two (let’s say P2 with P4 but when P2 has the Coordinator running P4 won’t connect to it). I really don’t know what to do more. Maybe there’s here someone who can help. Thanks!

managed to find a solution for the problem. It seemed that the only way I could get it to work was to use for the PC that is hosting the swarm coordinator ip adress for the CoordinatorRemotingHost. The other PCs used P1. I also had to update microsoft .NET Framework, and on some of them I also had to update Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 because of some missing .dlls.
Hope this can help someone. Cheers!