Swarm Agent critical error

I keep getting lighting build failed every single time i build.
I tried installing an older version of UE, reinstalling 4.27, making a new level and project nothing worked here so i looked at the Swarm Agent where this is logged.

11:46:27 AM: [Connection] Detected new local connection from same process ID as an existing one, closing the old one
11:46:27 AM: [CloseConnection] Closing connection 1B156C59 using handle 1B156C59
11:46:27 AM: [CloseConnection] Connection confirmed for disconnection 1B156C59
11:46:27 AM: [CloseConnection] Closing orphaned Job ()
11:46:27 AM: [PostJobStatsToDB] Database error:
11:46:27 AM: [PostJobStatsToDB] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
11:46:27 AM: [CloseConnection] Connection disconnected 1B156C59
11:46:27 AM: [GetMessage] Safely returning to 1B156C59 with no message
11:46:27 AM: [Interface:TryOpenConnection] Local connection established
11:46:27 AM: [Interface:OpenJob] Error: Critical error 

There is also this:

11:47:03 AM:  ......... using SwarmCoordinator on RENDER-01
11:47:03 AM:  ......... SwarmCoordinator failed to be initialized
12:10:26 PM: [PingCoordinator] Determined that we couldn't ping the coordinator
12:10:26 PM: [PingCoordinator] CoordinatorResponding is false

I have turned my firewall completely off, i tried opening the SwarmCoordinator.exe and changing the CoordinatorRemotingHost to my computer name and then i can ping the coordinator but i still get the first error.

I don’t really know what to do or try from here so any help would be welcome.

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