Swapping Unreal Engine 4 Mannequin character model with something else

Is this a right method how to swap mannequin character model with something else? What if my character is hanging a weapon,wears bandana,bag can you tell me how to properly rig such character with just rabbit mannequin kind of like animatronic? Including fluffy muzzled cartoony 3d model how it should be rigged in order to swap it with Unreal mannequin for example?

HI, my dream is make a map with a skaarj taken from U2 I think who is able to do that should make public this work, you could do this I think a lot of new levels will be done, are you able to make a working SKAARJ FROM u1 or better U2?

Unreal 1 and Unreal 2 models had morph targeting(which was like making 2d animation for 3d low poly models) speaking of 3d model animations,right? As for Unreal Tournament 3 and Unreal Tournament 4 had skeletal meshes speaking IK bones animations,right?