Swapping the Epic Game Store client to Dev

Hello there,

I’m integrating the EOS C# SDK for our game, but we can’t test whether it’s working fine since we can’t install it from the Epic Games Store (logged with our dev account).

Is there a manipulation to do in order to switch the Store into dev sandbox mode ?
I struggle to find the information within the documentation :s

→ I have setted the clientId, the users group, uploaded the build using the BuildPatchTool, the artifact was already made by our publisher, I linked the binary to it and linked the artifact to the Dev Deployment which shows “Active”

It feels I’m only missing the last step ^^’

Many thanks if you bring me the answer (:p),

Re :slight_smile:

I asked my publisher to give me a developper key and it worked :slight_smile:

Now I’m trying to understand why I can’t see the achievements properly (I can see the achievements in game, the ones I unlocked are showing “100% of the users…” but my account still show 0 achievement), but… that’s another topic ^^

Sorry for the question, hope it will be of use for others :slight_smile:

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