Swapping Camera - Height Issue (Set View Target with Blend)

I’m currently having some issues with switching from and back to the player camera from another camera actor, and was hoping someone might be able to help. Basically, when the player enters a trigger box and presses the E key, I want the camera to swap to a different camera in front of the object they’re interacting with (a computer screen). When they press the appropriate key to leave this camera, I want the camera to revert to the player’s first person camera. I have the system working in principle, but when the player exits the computer’s camera and returns to the player’s first person camera, its height is now about half the height it should be, making the character seem very short.

My level blueprints look like this at present:



If anyone can help me figure out how to solve this height issue, I’d be extremely grateful.


easy fix just add another get player controller and then get pawn owner to the new view target

@CIH_Deadro you’re a life saver. The blueprint node is actually called “Get ControlledPawn”, I’ve been trying to figure this problem out for awhile, here’s how I blend the view target back to the player pawn controller. This should fix the height issue with the player camera.