swapping Actors automatically in the editor

Hi all,

Is it possible to swap Actors in my level automatically in the editor?

My use case: I have placed a bunch of Static Meshes (100s probably), but since then most of these now have some kind of functionality and have Blueprint versions. I was wondering if it would be possible to swap these out without manually going through the entire level. All would have identical positions, rotations and scales etc. Also, if the StaticMesh was called, ‘Door’ the Blueprint asset version will always be in a Subdirectory called, ‘Blueprints’ with a name BP_x (I,e, BP_Door).

Coming from Unity I could just write an Editor script to do this, is there something similar in UE4?

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Update: I’ve found a way of doing this by selecting all the actors of a certain type, selecting the new version of the asset in the Content Browser, right clicking on any selected one in the editor, selecting, ‘Replace Selected Actors with’. It’s not an automated solution, but requires far less manual lifting than going around re-positioning everything.

  • Matt.

Hell yeah man. I’ve been trying to find a solution to this forever! You rock!

Wow, that saved me so much time! Thank you! :slight_smile: