Swapping a creature's skeletal mesh for another, half-working

Hello there,

So while my question actually relates to Conan Exiles, I think it may in truth be applicable to any game.
And the question is simple : I want to swap the model used by a creature, in this case spiders, to another one of my choosing.

Basically I’ve got almost everything working. I go to the spider BP, I choose, say, the Scorpion skeletal mesh, I point to the Scorpion animation BP, I change the physics BP. Hitting play, spawning a spider, gets me a scorpion that correctly rushes in to attack with the correct runing animation, can be hit and killed correctly, and falls to the ground in glorious ragdoll upon death.

Issue is, I can’t get it to actually ATTACK. And I’m not sure why.
So yeah, what do you think is happening? Where should I look ? Or is my question either too generic or too specific to be answered, even partly? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any insight you could give me !

  • Answer found. It was a matter of “weapon” slot which didn’t exist on the Scorpion model. And then linking the right animations to achieve the desired effect.