Swapped character model/animation set. Animations not initializing outside of the blueprint?


I started with a top-down example, started building a somewhat advanced character blueprint, and now I want to try swapping it out with a character model included in the Maximo pack. I thought it should be as simple as swapping the mesh, and swapping the animation blueprint. At first it seemed like it was working, as the animations are showing inside the blueprint itself.

However, after I compile, and go in to the world’s viewport, all I see is the static mesh in its default position. When I play the game, this does not change either.

Is it much more extensive than I am making it out to be? Or is there a simple setting that I have not altered?


We solved this. Apparently the character instance placed on the map was still using the old animation entry. Everything else was updated so I’m not sure why this didn’t. Setting that to the correct animation BP fixed the issue.