Swaping Characters In a level

So I was working on a proto where i want to implement a character swap functionality in the game.(Im not talking about swaping the camer component from one character to another or changing the material used in a mesh ) but changing the whole skeltal mesh so that the player can use the new character to complete the mission/Level (Note: The swapped character will have different animations,attacks and everything). I Saw some Bp tutorial in youtube but they use “Set Skeletal Mesh” which can easily change the skeletal mesh using some conditions… but i want to implement this in c++. Can anyone Help me to understand the logic…The Logic i have in mind is to use an array to store the Uskeletal componet and choose the meshes available but i dont knw if this is possible or optmised… !! Valid Suggestions will be Greatly appreciated :slight_smile: (Sry for the spelling and Grammer)