Swaping Anims ((Help))

I have the basic mannequin animations, want to use an additional anim for the model to “Fire from Hip” then return and walk like normal. For some reason I can’t. Once I fire from hip his upper body returns but his legs don’t move anymore. Please help, thanks.

So to help explain better here are some screenshots. My problem is when the player shoots it shows the shooting anim, but when I stop shooting he doesn’t go back to the main anim. So he wont walk (just glide). I am using Third Person Anim BP as the original anim. And wanting to use Fire Riffle Hip only when pushing fire key.

Using “Play Animation” is not really a good idea. Use Play Anim Montage after creating Anim Montage from the animation and adding Slot on AnimBP.

Okay, how do I make an Anim Montage? As the tuts are very old and nothing looks the same. Then, I am not sure how to add a slot, or sure if I am doing it right. Thanks though.

Nevermind, I found how / where to say is firing - is not firing.