Swaping animation by movement speed

Hello everyone, I am still new to UE4 . I will keep it simple because my poor english.

  • I Have 2 animations below.
  • I want to swap between these two by speed (moving and not moving)
    *i But when I put transition rule as Speed >0 or =0 in state machine, it’s begin playing from the start of anime again.
    *I I try working around start position but since I’m a beginner, I can’t do anything much about this. I can’t find any help when Googled around about this.
    *I moving or not moving, I just want him to continue sheathing sword.


*I I tried montage and blend layer per bone but the animation don’t smooth at all.
*i So how can I do about this? it’s been 2 days since I got this problem. I’m so frustrated.

Thank you in advance



Thank for your answer but yes, I tried it , so bad his upper body and lower body animation don’t look so smooth, :frowning:

Did you try a blendspace 2D? It sounds like this is what you are going for with these two. However you can have legs animating independently from the upper body by using cached poses. Read more about it here: Using Layered Animations | Unreal Engine Documentation

My bad, you are right. Indeed, using 1D blendspace is enough. Thank you very much Tobiw!.