Swap widgets when player goes to the second floor

I have a map that comes up when you press M, I have two images for each floor, but I can’t figure out a way to for when the player goes above a certain axis for the second floor, switch the widget to the second floor. Anyone able to help?

You could have a trigger volume the player walks into. When they collide with it, just change the reference to the map widget you’re using.

Yeah I tried that here but it didn’t work very well

Problem with overlap is it doesn’t happen neatly, so you need a DoOnce there. Also on end overlap revert back to previous level.

Also flip flop usually can’t be trusted. It works fine, but there are a lot of conditions where switching rigidly between A and B doesn’t fit the bill.

I’ll post something in a moment…

Floor manager:




And one widget ( in my case ), with this in:


So the widget always displays the current floor:

The alternative to flipflop is:

I know it looks like the same thing, but just bear it in mind. It will come in handy when flipflop isn’t up to it… :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for sending this over. I’m really rusty when it comes to widgets, I don’t use them much at all, so this has confused me a bit. For example, how can I do it so the widget then only appears when they press M? Not sure where I’d put that.
You also have the function in your one widget, not sure what I’d put in there either. Would it be worth using a widget switcher for that bit?

When the player hits M, make the widget visible, otherwise not.

When you click on the textbox field, in the details is

that will take you to the place to put the connecting function.