swap player controllers


Is there any workflow in blueprints to swap player controller for pawn ? I found this node in GameMode, I can get it as event, but dont know how to actually trigger it.

Here is what I need to do. Two players (two gamepads) and one Pawn. Only one player is controlling Pawn at the time. Players are able to give up possession and pass it to another player.

Just like in Donkey Kong Country - if u know what I mean :slight_smile: Donkey Kong Country Video Walkthrough - YouTube

Any tips on that ?

Same problem for me

So if you’re talking about the player swapping like from donkey kong to diddy, the best way to actually handle that would be to unposses your pawn and posses a new one. They are also called characters, so you would need 2 characters instead of 2 controllers.


Hello LevonChurch,
My problem is that i need to swap between VR controller or Not VR Controller during a game - i need to change dynamically the controller class.