Swap between First Person and Top Down

I’ve got the First Person camera to work. The point of views and controls swap just fine, but i have to hold the mouse button to look around. How do i look around without holding down the mouse?

BTW I followed this tutorial for the most part except i edited the input buttons myself:

EDIT: I’m using the top down template. I want to do this to keep the top-down skeleton and character etc.

If it’s only working when the mouse is held down; You’ll have assigned it to “Input left mouse button” and not “Left mouse X” and “Left Mouse Y”.

To save time not writing a wall of text for some simple information:

  1. Create new project (Don’t worry,
    This is just to learn)
  2. Use Third Person Template
  3. Go into Edit > Project Settings
  4. Go into Input, Axis Mappings
  5. Copy the Turn and Look into your
    project by hand
  6. Then use these Input actions to save
    doing it when the mouse is held down
  7. ???
  8. Profit.

Hope this helps!

P.S Alternatively, You can do this on a tick if you’re feeling rebellious and don’t care about performance. Don’t do that.

Thanks, I figured it out. I had to move the character control blueprint graphs from the TopDownController into the actual character blueprint.