SVVR / Oculus / and the number of concurrent users

Two weeks ago at the SVVR conference in Mountain view, OculusVr was demonstrating their latest Dev Kit2 using UE4. I sat down in a chair next to another person who also tried the latest Rift. We were both in the same environment sitting down in a chair in a realistic living room. The living room consisted of furniture, my avatar, the other avatar and 2 little characters that were controlled via an Xbox controller that was supplied. I’m afraid I didn’t look at the cabling but would the guy sitting next to me be hooked up to the same computer I was or would he be on a separate computer? If we were on the same computer do you have any idea how many people could be on one computer or a virtual world? Do you need one GPU per user? We’re looking at building out a student/instructor led training classes and the number of concurrent users is important to us. Thanks for your assistance.

Rendering 2 images (one for each eye) takes a good amount of horsepower. I’m almost positive that each user had his own PC (located in the little white cabinet thing beside you).

Although I think it technically might be possible for a video card to output 2 different images to 2 rifts. (Same concept as having 2 monitors right?)

I’m not sure you can use multiple Rifts on a single computer yet, one alternative is to have multiple computers that are networked together. You could then connect pretty much as many users as you want.