SVN with SASL integration failing

Unreal 4.9.2, with the builtin svn.exe 1.8.1 - which reports support for Cyrus SASL

I’ve setup our server with SASL for authentication and encryption ([1]). We can checkout with the current release of TortoiseSVN just fine, but the source control bindings in Unreal are only working on my machine for some reason.

Others are getting “Unable to connect to a repository at URL” and “Cannot negotiate authentication mechanism”.

I’m having to go back to non-encrypted, default svn protocol, or go to the annoying https setup if I want encryption … anyone seen this problem before?


Hello TTimo,

Are there any differences in your setup or connection compared to the people who are having issues? I will say that I don’t have any experience setting up SASL encryption but the setup/connection may be where the issue is.

No differences that I could find between my machine’s setup and others. TortoiseSVN works for all of us over the SASL auth and encrypt. We are all on the same official 4.9.2 build.

To be clear, this works perfectly fine when using TortoiseSVN but only poses problems when using the SVN that has been provided with engine version 4.9.2, correct?

Yes exactly. And even so, the svn.exe provided with the engine worked on my local system, for some reason it doesn’t work on any of the other team members.

The svn.exe bundled in 4.9.2 also reports support for Cyrus SASL when doing svn.exe --version, so it should work …

I never thought to ask, but what operating system are you using?

Our SVN server is Linux, all the clients are Windows

From what I can find on the issue, the only problems I’ve seen similar to this came from the server and clients using incompatible SASL libraries. Could you check to see if this is a possibility?

Hello TTimo,

We haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please respond and I’ll be happy to look into this issue further. In the meantime, I’ll be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes.

We turned off SASL, and hence lost encryption. That’s unfortunate but I’ve got a lot of my plate and I can’t justify putting more time into this atm.