[SVN] Unable to Check in files due to "no matching lock token"

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open any blueprint
  2. Make some changes (or don’t, this happens either way)
  3. Save the file and close it
  4. Attempt to check in and the following message is presented:

The only way to fix this is to manually release the lock using Toroise SVN but I am concerned this could cause integrity issues when working in teams (I am alone just now).

I know of at least one other person having this issue.

Hello UrbanMango,

From searching for this error message, it seems like this error message is coming from SVN rather than UE4 specifically. This error message seems to be a common topic on other generalized sites such as StackOverflow and the fix that people keep providing is to “Steal” the lock. This can be done through commandline or through some context menus with certain SVN clients. You can search for the error for more information on that.

As for the reason it’s coming up in the first place, it seems that it is an error on the SVN Server’s side from what I’ve been able to see which could be permission related. I would suggest trying sites tailored toward support for SVN for more information.

Thanks Matthew, I will take your advice and ask around on SVN specific sites.