SVN, subversion not updating assets properly


I do not know if this is simply because im new at using SVNs, but i am having problems gettting everything to sync up using subversions.

I am using turtoise SVN and VIsualSVN server as my server.
It seems to be working, but i am having problems with assets not updating properly when several people are working on UE4. for example

I have my UE project open on two computer, on one i change the text “first person” to “hello” in the editor, saves and checks out.
Then i check everything back in using the “Submit to source control”.

on computer 2, i can see that example_map has changes from the version it’s on now. and i rightclick on it and uses “Sync” beliving that it would update this file to the latest revision.
But it doesn’t. What happens is that it goes into “unsaved” mode and tell me to check it out instead (maybe because it’s different from the current head revision?).

the only way to solve it is to exit without saving all my changes and manually using tortoise updating to the head revision, before opening my project again… and then it’s updated with the new text on the floor.

Is this a known bug? because it seems like my SVN server is working propely… UE4 is just not updating the files as it should.


This is a known issue - I have added this AnswerHub thread to the list of reported issues that we are tracking. Unfortunately it is not being actively worked on at the moment.

Hi Tom,

Sorry to bring back an old thread, is this fixed / are there any solutions as I am having the same issue?