SVN merging branches issues

We’ve been trying to setup svn (tortoise) using assembla. everything works fine bar the branch/merging approach

have people been successful in this aspect ?

what is the correct process for this?

Hi axelZellalex,

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For code, you will be perfectly fine. But for blueprints/ .uasset files, you will have problems, those are binary files so they cant be merged, its either one version or the other. Keep in mind all source control systems but Perforce handle binary files REALLY poorly, so take a look at the server hard disc space, as, if im not mistaken, SVN just does complete copies for each binary file revision, instead of saving deltas(just the difference) like it does for text files.

cheers Adam !

ye, after a bit of reading today it seems SVN creates copies of folders - coming from a git back ground seems a bit crazy and not what i think branching should be
ive been looking at perforce too but again, struggled a bit with that trying to start a branch lol - tutorial video on their website was using a different version of their win client than what i had downloaded :S oops

without merging, branching is maybe a bit pointless ?

one approach im thinking of is using svn to version as usual, then simply having folders : main, devA, devB. then when things need to be brought into the main branch manually adding them/copying bits over ?

perforce branching seems the same as svn and it just creates a copy of the folders…