SVN error I've suddenly started getting

I accidentally clicked the SVN icon in the top right corner and it asked me to reconnect.
I put my details in as usual and it’s now kicking up a fuss:

Error svn: warning: W155007: 'C:\Users\****\Documents\Unreal' is not a working copy
Error svn: warning: W155007: 'C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.1\Engine\Binaries\Win64\Projects\MyGame_Dev' is not a working copy
Error You should check out a working copy into your project directory.
Info Path: MyGame
Error Project is not part of an SVN working copy.

There isnt any (and I dont think there ever was a folder in my Documents called Unreal, there is Unreal Projects.
And in my “…/Win64/” folder there isnt a Projects folder - I’ve checked both my 4.0 and 4.1 install and neither have this folder.

Why is it looking here for this project suddenly? How can I fix this please ?

Any information/pointers in the right direction would be really appreciated !


Check out this AnswerHub post:

hi tom cheers for the link

i dont quite get the solution you propose

im working with someone else, we are half way through our project we have files in SVN and i have some locally as does he. i disconnected by mistake then unreal started kicking up a fuss when trying to reconnect

your guide (i assume ?) is for someone setting this up for the first time and mapping local files to be added to SVN rather than re-connecting to a project?
if i am wrong, i aplogise
i did try your guide but it didnt work :frowning:

dont suppose you have any other ideas ? Im so stuck on this

The issue looks to be the same as the one in the AnswerHub post - that of a working copy in a directory with spaces in its path. This issue was fixed in the 4.2 release.
Bear in mind that the SVN ‘connection’ is only really there to emulate Perforce’s persistent connection to a server, so you cant really ‘disconnect’, just ‘re-test’ your connection when you click on that icon.