SVN Error E195013 - Tortoise can't solve it

Hello there,

currently I’m working on a project together with a colleague. We share the files via SVN. However, I have the weird problem that the SVN in UE4 locks files I never used and I can’t check them in. It gives me the SVN error code E195013 " … is not locked in this working copy."

TortoiseSVN says that no files in this folder are locked, so I can’t force unlock.

My colleague needs to work with this files, so what should we do?

UE4 forces locks to be acquired on files to emulate ‘exclusive checkout’ behaviour with SVN - this is because its assets are not (usually) mergable. It sounds as if the files were locked in a working copy other than the one you are working with - either your colleague’s or an older working copy of yours. Regardless, if you want to force the file to be unlocked you can either discover where it was locked from and unlock it there (this is the best approach to reduce the likelihood of data loss) or you can use the SVN command line:

svn unlock --force <filename>

as detailed here to unlock it in your working copy, or unlock it on the server using:

svn unlock <URL>