SVN checking for assets to check in very slow?

This is very slow for me, is this other peoples experiences or could it be, my setup is somehow wrong?
(Can take up to 5-6-minutes)

Its faster for me to go with an exterior svn client.


Some background:

The system that checks for assets to check in needs to make a VERY large query to SVN/Perforce. It needs to retrieve the state of every file in the project, so can be very slow. This can be exacerbated by a slower remote connection or contention for server resources.

At present, you can right click on a shared parent folder and “Check In”.

However if the editor doesn’t know about any files in those directories that need a check in (i.e. if you haven’t viewed any files) then the “Check In” item wont be selectable.

I see, thanks for you’re fast response.

So lets say I want to check in files I explicitly checked out, i made some minor modifications to various blueprints and want to check them in all in one revision (because one modification implies the other). I don’t need to check the state of every file but some files are not in the same folder, so I can’t select all files to check in with the mouse, is the’re a way to go about this?

Basically, I can achieve this easily with my svn client by doing a simple commit. But doing this while the editor is running has caused me problems.

Certainly if you have been working on assets that have external references (like renaming inherited functions etc.) then “submit to source control” is the best way to go - that way you are guaranteed not to miss anything that you might not realise you have changed.

Ah yes, I saw this but was worried because it lists all files present in folder, but it seems to to be doing what a commit does.

Is submit to source control the safest system to avoid breaking anything with a commit? Is that what its doing?