SVN certificate problems

I’ve set up VisualSVN Server on a machine attached to my LAN. On my work PC I can access the repository as normal via Tortoise. I’ve also installed VisualSVN on this work PC so I get integration in Visual Studio. This all works.

However, in the UE4 editor, I get a red cross on the source control icon. If I select it and enter my svn details I get the following :

"Error svn: E230001: Server SSL certificate untrusted"

More over it doesn’t seem to matter what information I put into the “Source Control Login” panel. I can put in random junk and it will ALWAYS try to access the same repository (it’s the same one that’s in VS).

I’ve tried manually installing the certificate taken from the server into the work machine’s “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” certificate store without effect.

Any and all help welcome

I forgot to say I’m using 4.6.1